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1 June 2016

Let me tell you a secret.
But if I told you here online, it would not be secrets anymore. It would become an announcement or gossip, and gossip is powerful among the half-witted because they would believe and add on their opinions, then the gossip would snowball. Some are also confused between verbal attacks and freedom of speech. They just opened their mouths and let the mouths do the thinking. We had plenty of examples in our last SU by-election when speakers had senseless exchanges over the microphones; voters, nonetheless, showed their support on the value of integrity.  In short, a valued comment is statements that can go through 陽光測試 (ICAC).
The sun did come out for our graduates on our speech day 2016; we had feared that there might be rainstorm warning. Despite the warm weather, the fun dance video (taped by our graduates during their grand tour last year) shown at the beginning of the ceremony, the succinct welcome speech made by the Supervisor advising students to follow the school motto well, the careful observation made by Dr Catherine Chan, our guest of honor, and the angelic voices from our choir and Chinese orchestra, not to mention the delicious tea reception prepared by our technology and living students, all contributed to a memorable occasion. Of course, all teachers and student helpers at different stations cooperated beautifully.  Many thanks.
Graduation marks a turning point in a person’s life; however, the ceremony is way less important than what a student learned at school for six years. In these six years, I am sure students experienced a lot of changes in terms of their beliefs, academic knowledge, world views, to say the least, physical strengths.  Indeed, we cannot avoid changes, as our new SU clearly points out.  Let me end this message with Winston Churchill’s words: To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
Anson Yang