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1 June 2020

1 June 2020
Welcome back. I am sure this message finds you and your family members well.  Many thanks to KLC members for being patient with the school during the suspension period. The pandemic is something that no one in Hong Kong has experienced before, so we do our best effort at the time, and learn to cope with the situation day by day.  Reluctantly, we learn to live with the new normal. I thank you for what you have done when you are at home.  Likewise, I also thank parents for becoming a core support home tutor to their children in the past four months. Indeed, every member in Hong Kong has become resourceful, to the best we can in helping each other.
Although we meet with peers, we should remember the new etiquette of meeting people, especially when the gathering prohibition is still enforced, that we should not gather in groups anywhere off campus to prevent misunderstanding. In addition, we should:
  1. practice social distance, always have our surgical mask on;
  2. close lid before we flush the toilet;
  3. wash our hands thoroughly, but not splashing water everywhere;
  4. remember our tracks well, that is, remember where we go, whom we meet every day, in case we are not well, we have proper information for ourselves;
  5. refrain from sharing belongings, bring our own water if needed.
You can see that what helps us win this battle or any battle, is self-discipline. Only when each of us do our part dutifully, even when no one is watching us, can we succeed.  In the course of your education in King Ling, different teachers have stressed the importance of self-discipline; the school suspension period demonstrated this well.
Again, welcome back.  Do your best today so that tomorrow you are always well prepared for.
Anson Yang