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1 May 2021

1 May 2021
First of all, I wish all DSE students well, both health and exams.  Your hard work in the past six years will all be paid off this month. Although textbook knowledge might easily be forgotten (sorry, teachers), the school life you have had is memorable and precious.
There is light that we might all return to school; we should remember we are still under the attack of COVID 19, although you are happy to see your friends at school, do not gather too closely.  Your desks are arranged in a particular fashion so that there is a certain space between you and the next person.  Maintain distance; students have designated staircase and toilets at your level. Also, if you have a bang or a fringe, if your hair covers your forehead, you want to hold them up and walk slowly when you are walking past the TV temperature screening in the foyer.  After which, don’t forget to gel up.  In fact, do gel up whenever you enter a room and after using the toilet. You want to wash your hands as frequently as needed, but don’t splash water about.  Used masks should be thrown away into the special bins, well-wrapped and covered. When the school is over, go home and have lunch at home. 
Because of the half-day nature of schooling, some students have more free time on hand and on the Internet.  There might be strangers who claim to have King Ling connections; these connections or chats might quickly turn inappropriate. Now, it is not difficult to locate any King Ling names, either teachers or students, on the Internet, if not from our school website, it may come from websites of other schools which we have had joint-school functions before.  So, when a stranger online tells you he knows so and so in our school, or even a picture is given, do not let down your guard and put in trust in this stranger.  Do not volunteer information, if he said there is girl name Chan in an elective class, you should NOT say “Oh yes, I am also in that class and Mary Chan is in the same class with me.”  You then volunteer more information; after fishing this information, the stranger may continue to harass other students, saying he knows Mary Chan and you, because they all study in the same elective group.  So, beware if you chat with strangers online. Cut it short, ask him to identify himself, or just ignore him. Needless to say, it is silly to give away photos of any kind to strangers.
If you want to make friends, make friends in person.  Make friends who can help you to become a better person, not just friends to kill time with.  The world is big and there is much to learn; you just need to be on your guard all the time.
Anson Yang