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I.        Registration (Student & 1 Parent/Guardian ONLY): 8-9 July, 9:00am-12:30pm, 2:00pm-4:00pm.      
   Please bring:
           1. Admission slip;
           2. HKID / HK Birth Certificate - true copy and photocopy;
           3. School reports (photocopies) - P5(whole year), P6(whole year);
           4. One passport-sized photos;
           5. Student Data form [Download Point 1] / [Download Point 2] / [Download Point 3];
           6. Winter PE uniform and textbook providers will set counters at the school. Please feel free to
    obtain services from other providers; and
  7. $244.10 for exercise books and miscellaneous fees (by cash or a crossed cheque made   payable to “the INC MGT Committee of King Ling College”).
II.       1. Registration Handbook - PDF [Download Point 1] / [Download Point 2] / [Download Point 3];
           2. Registration Handbook - Video [Watch]; and
           3. School Regulations - Chinese Version [Download Point 1] / [Download Point 2] /
               [Download Point 3].
III.      Pre-S1 Hong Kong Attainment Test (Chinese, English, Mathematics): 13 July, 9:00am-12:30pm.
   Please bring:
           1. SSPA slip;
           2. HKID / HK Birth Certificate; and
           3. Stationery.
In case school is greatly affected by flooding, localized heavy rain or sudden incidents and have to suspend classes, students should go to a secondary school (excluding ESF and international schools) which remains in operation and is near to their homes to take the Test. For territory-wide class suspension caused by tropical cyclones or rainstorms, parents should pay attention to the announcements on the radio/television or the press release posted on GovHK (www.gov.hk).
IV.      Summer Course: 9-26 August, 8:50am-12:30pm
           (House assignment released before 13 August during the summer course, please buy the PE
   uniform according to the House
V.       Newcomers’ Day (for students): 27 August, 8:50am-12:30pm
           Parents’ Day: 28 August, 1:00pm-4:30pm
           (Pre-ordered textbooks will be distributed by Wai Fat Books after Parents’ Day. Please bring a
   bag, your order form and balance total.)
VI.     Opening ceremony: 1 September, 8:55am-11:00am

I.   註册日(只限小六學生及1位家長/監護人):7月8-9日,9:00am-12:30pm,2:00pm-4:00pm,帶備
     1. 入學註册證;
     2. 香港身份證/出世紙正本及副本
     3. 小五(全年)、小六(全年)成績表副本
     4. 證件相片1張;
     5. 填妥「學生資料表格」[下載點 1] / [下載點 2] / [下載點 3] ;
     6. 冬季運動服供應商及書商設有櫃位,亦可自行外出辦理;及
     7. $244.10校簿及雜項等費用(以現金或劃線支票,抬頭請寫:景嶺書院法團校董會)。
II.  1. 入學手册內容 [下載點 1] / [下載點 2] / [下載點 3]
     2. 入學手册短片 [觀看];及
     3. 校規中文版 [下載點 1] / [下載點 2] / [下載點 3]
III. 中一入學前學科測驗(中、英、數):7月13日,9:00am-12:30pm,帶備
     2. 身份證/出世紙正本;及
     3. 文具。
IV.  暑期課程:8月9-26日,8:50am-12:30pm
V.   迎新日(學生):8月27日,8:50am-12:30pm
VI. 開學禮:9月1日,8:55am-11:00am