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Committee Members

Chairperson:  Ms. Lau Wai Wah
Vice Chairperson:  Ms. Hung Bun, Mr. Cheuk Wing Hong
Honorary Secretary:  Ms. Kwan Yuet Fung, Mr. Lo Chun Hung
Honorary Treasurer:  Ms.Tsui Pui Yee , Mr. Chan Ka Wing
Ms. Law Wai Fan, Ms. Ha Ching, Ms. Mok Yin Lin, Ms. Chan Yee Lai, Ms. Chiu Mei Yue,
Ms. Keung Tsui Ha, Mr. Hui Ka Wo, Ms. Tam Shui Yee
Members:  Ms. Lee Mong Chi, Ms. Lai Lam, Ms. Wang Da Qun, Ms. Zhang Hui


1. Parent Think tank
2. Publication of Landscape
3. The 19th Annual General Meeting of PTA (10/11)
4. The 19th PTA 1st Executive Committee Meeting
5. Charity Sale
6. The 19th PTA 2nd Executive Committee Meeting
7. Printing of Chinese New Year couplets
8. Poon Choi Dinner (9/2)
9. Parents’ Day
10. PTA Activity Day (22/4)
11. The 19th PTA 3rd Executive Committee Meeting
12. Teachers Appreciation Day & Friday Assembly
13. Parent-child Community Service Day
14. The 19th PTA 4th Executive Committee Meeting

Parent's Sharing

1.   Ms Hung Bun and Chan Tsz Ki (1A): using a word to describe you

 Contact Us

klc-mail@kingling.edu.hk or call 27049917 during office hours (Mr Lo CH).