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Dr. Anson Yang


Dr. Yang was English Panel Head and Vice Principal of two different schools before joining King Ling College.  He was an appointed SCOLAR member (2009-2015), the Chairman of Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association (2014-2019), and the Chairman of Curriculum Development Council Committee (English subjects, 2015-2021).

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Mr. Cheuk Wing-hong
Vice Principal


Mr Davy Cheuk holds two master’s degrees and has been teaching at King Ling for almost two decades, where he was assistant principal, head of mathematics and head of cross-curriculum team. Mr Cheuk had been on EDB secondment duties, and had been in different quality circles to promote learning among schools. He had also authored and reviewed mathematics textbooks, and is now teaching gifted education courses at HKAGE.


Mr. Kwan Chi-kuen
Vice Principal


Mr. Kwan holds two master’s degrees and has been at King Ling for more than a decade. He was the vice principal of an EMI school before taking up the current post in King Ling. Mr. Kwan is author of more than a dozen textbooks and reference books, and is currently the honorary consultant of a STEM magazine. He has been invited as guest speakers in university education programs, interviewer in JUPAS program, and developed learning & teaching packages for EDB & HKAGE. With a vision to foster Chinese Culture in a creative manner, Mr. Kwan hosts a platform promoting Chinese Literature via pop music.


Mr. Chong Wai-kwok
Assistant Principal


Mr Sammel Chong holds a master’s degree in chemistry and has been on staff for more than 15 years; he has been a guidance teacher and head of integrated sciences at the school, and is lecturing education courses at HKBU. Armed with the experience in heading several ad hoc committees in school projects, he is now monitoring the development in external affairs section and home affairs section.


Ms. Pang Wai-ching
Assistant Principal


Ms Eva Pang holds two master’s degrees and has been on staff for more than a decade; she has been a guidance teacher and head of English at the school. Armed with administration experience in pre-school, secondary, and tertiary education, alongside different local and overseas university backgrounds, and diverse interests in cultures, she now heads the careers section.