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Careers Section


                Life Planning Team [LP]
                      a. To introduce more types of careers to students;
                      b. To enhance students’ self-awareness of their abilities and potentials;
                      c. To facilitate students to identify their interests and life goals;
                      d. To equip students for their study / career paths;
                      e. To nurture students for proper social and communication skills;
                      f. To embed the concept of lifelong learning;
                      g. To provide professional guidance concerning further studies and careers;
                      h. To nominate suitable and capable students for tertiary education / job opportunities.
               Ceremonial Team [CT]
                      i. To help organize ceremonial events like Speech Day and Closing Ceremony.
               External Opportunities and SLP Team [EO / SLP]
                      j. To broaden students’ other learning experience;
                      k. To help strengthen students’ confidence in facing challenges and to cultivate a sense of
                      l. To nurture students’ all-round development

Team Members

                     Careers Section Section Head: Pang WC         Assistant Section Head: Hau KK
Life Planning Team
Ms. Pang W.C., Ms. Hau K.K. , Mr. Law G.Y.,
Ms. Law K.M., Ms. Leung M.T., Ms Lin N.S.,

Mr. Lo Y.H., Mr Lui K.L.
Ceremonial Team
Mr. Lee K.F., Ms. Chiu M.Y., Mr  Hui K.W.,
Ms. Law K.M., Ms. Leng Y.S., Ms. Yeung M.W.
External Opportunities & SLP Team
Ms. Li C.N., Mr. Cheung W.C.,
Mr. Chong W.K., Ms. Chu W.Y., 
Ms. Hau KK., 
Ms. Leng Y.S., Ms. Leung M.T., Ms. Lin N.S., Mr. Lui K.L., Ms. Ma W.C., 
*Name(s) of Team Leader(s) is/are underlined.


           Goals for each form:
                S1: Explore different careers in Hong Kong
                S2: Explore different careers around the world
                S3: Identify one’s strengths and weaknesses
                S4: Develop an awareness of the workplace experience
                S5: Explore opportunities that studying in HK and overseas afford
                S6: Refining informed decisions for further study / career
  1. Multiple Pathway Counselling
  2. Careers Talks for Parents, Teachers and Students
  3. Careers Day (Formal Dressing, Time Capsule, Rite of Passage, Mock Interview, Alumni Sharing)
  4. Careers Fair (Sharing by Professions)
  5. Careers Luncheon (Table Manner, Attire & Career Counselling)
  6. Careers Expo
  7. Careers x KLAs Initiatives
  8. Job Internship / Shadowing
  9. Company / Organization Visits
  10. University Visits
  11. Self-understanding Workshops
  12. OLE Coordination
  13. Prize Presentation Logistics during Speech Day & Closing Ceremony
  14. S4 Course Selection Counselling
  15. Nominations (Awards / Tertiary Education)






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