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Discipline Section

Aims & Objectives

  1. To establish a positive moral spirit, maintain high discipline at school, and nurture students' integrity.
  1. To strengthen students' proper behaviors and etiquettes for different needs.
  2. To train up students to be independent, self-motivated and with leadership skills, with a strong focus on putting their moral value into practice.
  3. To cater for the need to change and improve oneself.


Section Head:
Ms. Lo W.M.
Assistant Section Head:
Mr. Cheung K.F., Mr. Lo C.H.
Discipline Team
LO WM, Cheung KF, Chiu MY, Lau W,
Law KM, Leung MT, Li CN, Lo CH, Lui KL, Tai MN
Prefect Team
Lau W, Li CN, Lo CH
*Name(s) of Team Leader(s) is/are underlined.

Works / Activities

Routine duties
  1. Morning/after school duty
  2. Weekly meeting
  3. Weekly uniform check
  4. Detention class
  5. Statistics – late, cleanliness, uniform, minor offence
  6. Certificate of merits
  7. Warning letter –late, uniform
  8. Student improvement scheme
Administrative duties
  1. Duty roster
  2. Routings to podium and hall
  3. Evaluation – merit, conduct
  4. Fire drill
  1. Inauguration 
  2. Prefect training 
  3. Post exam activity
  4. Weekly meeting


Photo Albums

Discipline Photos