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Academic Affairs Section

Aims & Objectives

  1. To enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching. 
  2. To raise the academic standard of students. 
  3. To facilitate the effective and efficient running of subject departments. 
  4. To promote teachers’ continuous professional development. 
  1. To carry out measures for boosting students’ academic performance.
  2. To refine the academic policies and practices.
  3. To widen the learning experience of students.
  4. To strengthen the collaboration among subject departments.
  5. To promote the professional development of teachers.


Section Head:
Mr. Cheuk W.H.
Cross-curriculum Team
Ms. Chan P.Y., Mr. Yu K.K., Ms. Chau Y.Y., Mr. Cheung K.F.,
Mr. Ho T.C., Ms. Keung T.H., Mr. Lee K.F.,
Ms. Or F.L.,  Ms. Wong M.Y.
Learning Resources Team
Ms. Chow S.F., Ms. Cho P.S., Ms. Hau K.K., Ms. Li C.N.,
Ms. Liu P.P., Ms. Pang W.C., Ms. Tam S.Y., 

Ms Tsui C.K., Ms. Yeung M.W.
Examimations and Assessment Team
Mr. Yu K.K., Mr. Chan K.W., Mr.Chan S.L., Mr. Lau H.L.
Ms. So Y., Ms. Szeto S.M.
Student Performance Analysis Team
Ms. Chu W.Y., Mr. Chan K.W., Ms. Lo K.H., Ms. So Y.
School Development Team
Ms. Ma W.C., Ms. Chu W.Y.,Ms Sun K.,
Ms. Wong M.Y
*Name(s) of Team Leader(s) is/are underlined.

Works / Activities

  1. Formulate the school academic policy
  2. Coordinate the work and collaboration of subjects
  3. Coordinate the logistics of examinations and uniform tests
  4. Evaluate students’ academic performance in both internal and external examinations
  5. Formulate the homework policy and monitor students’ performance in assignments
  6. Organize gifted and remedial programs to cater for different learners’ needs
  7. Promote gifted education through the formation of talent pool
  8. Promote the attainment of external qualifications
  9. Coordinate the supplementary classes
  10. Promote reading culture through various activities like reading forum, sharing sessions and book exhibition
  11. Publish the school magazine, Landscape
  12. Manage the teaching and learning resources
  13. Arrange external mock examinations for students
  14. Opening of self-study room
  15. Coordinate the staff development days and other professional development programs
  16. Conduct school evaluation and coordinate staff appraisal
  17. Organize pre-S1 summer program for newcomers


Photo Albums

Chinese Tea Brewing Course
Chinese Puppet Show
Staff Development Day
Book Exhibition
Reading Sharing Activity
Reading Forum