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External Affairs Section

Aims & Objectives

  1. To coordinate the administrative work and implementation of activities of the three teams, which are Admission and External Liaisons Team, School-Home Cooperation Team and Alumni Team;
  2. To strengthen the collaboration with the community through parents and alumni in order to facilitate effective nurturing of students through different resources;
  3. To foster school development through introducing community elements such as establishing connections with primary schools and community organizations.


Section Head:
Mr. Chong W.K.
Admissions & External Liaisons Team
Lee MP, Keung TH, Lo WM, Ma WC, Or FL
Alumni Team
Leng YS, Cheuk WH, Lee MP, Lo CH
School-Home Cooperation Team 
Lo CH, Chiu MY, Hui KW, Keung TH, Kwan CK, Qian YJ, Wong MY
*Name(s) of Team Leader(s) is/are underlined.

Works / Activities

Admissions and External Liaisons Team
  1. Update of the school profile
  2. Update of the school promotion video
  3. S1 Admission Briefing Session
  4. Facilitation of S1 admission work
  5. Invitation of Primary school students to visit our school
  6. Promotion: Post card would be sent to primary schools
School-Home Cooperation Team
  1. Formation of the Organizing Committee and IMC Parent Managers
  2. AGM
  3. Activities for Handcraft Club
  4. Sharing or Visit Among PTAs of Primary Schools
  5. Charity Sale
  6. Poon Choi Dinner
  7. Fund Raising for KLC Quality Education Foundation
  8. Parent-child Community Service
  9. Parent-child Day Tour
  10. Most Caring Children Award
  11. Teacher Appreciation Day
Alumni Team
  1. AGM
  2. Alumni Day
  3. Invitation of Alumni to join Sports Day, Poon Choi Dinner, Speech Day etc.
  4. Invitation of Alumni to help Exam Invigilation, Careers Guidance, S5 Grand Tour etc.
  5. Publication of “景昔”


Photo Albums

S1 Admission Briefing Session   Primary School Visit    PTA Charity Sale
Parent-Child Reading Scheme   Sharing Among PTAs of Different Schools   PTA Annual Activity Day
Poon Choi Dinner   Alumni AGM   Alumni Sharing on Careers Day
Alumni Counselling on DSE        

Other Information

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