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Guidance Section

Aims & Objectives

  1. Promote life education and moral education, enhance students’ ethic value.
  2. Facilitate students to recognize and control emotions, and therefore improve their social skills.
  3. Build up sense of belonging.
  4. Enlighten students to understand more about themselves, peers and family. 
  5. Provide supports and guidelines for students to tackle problems and share their worries, so as to allow them to have positive thinking.
  6. Create a warm and secure environment for students.
  7. Ensure students grow healthily and positively.
  8. Develop students’ critical thinking skills.
  9. Guide students to care about the community and understand more about the integrated education.


Section Head:
Ms. Tse K.M.
Assistant Section Head:
Ms. Cho P.S., Ms. Sze M.H.
Student Counselling Team
Ms. Tse K.M., Mr. Cheung K.K., Ms. Cho P.S., Mr. Hui K.W.
Mr. Lau H.L., Ms. Lee M.P., Ms. Leung M.T., Ms. Lo K.H., Ms. Sze M.H.,
Ms. Tai M.N., Ms. Wong Y.M., Ms Chiu W.Y. (Social Worker)
Life Education Team
Mr. Chong W.C., Ms. Cho P.S., Mr.Lau H.L., Ms. Sze M.H.,
Moral & Civic Education Team
Ms. Cho P.S., Ms. Chong W.C.,Ms. So Y., Mr. Sze C.H.
*Name(s) of Team Leader(s) is/are underlined.

Works / Activities

Counseling Team
  1. Relationship with Peers Workshop
  2. Orientation Day
  3. Time Management Output
  4. PATHS
  5. Leadership Training Programme
  6. Internet Angel Training Scheme
  7. Mental Health Seminar
  8. Self- management Workshop
  9. Volunteer Award Scheme
  10. Parenting Workshop & Parents’ Night
  11. Parents’ Day
  12. Briefing: HKDSE
Life Education Team
  1. Life Education Lessons
  2. Anti-drugs class-based workshop by LEAP
  3. Life Education workshops on the topic of pre-marital sex by Mothers’ Choice
  4. Life Education talk on Positive Life Attitude
Moral & Civic Education Team
  1. Formal moral & civic education lessons
  2. Interactive Drama
  3. ICAC Drama
  4. "Green Idea" Programme
  5. Cleaning The Campus
  6. Loving Family
  7. Parental Workshop
  8. Light lunch


Photo Albums
28 May 2018
KLC Internet Angel Training Scheme
25 April 2018
Teachers' Training Program_Wellness
14 April 2018
S2 Training Program _Super Teen
19 December 2017
S.1 Caring Ambassadors Training Programme
8 December 2017
S1. Wellness for Youth Programme
1 December 2017
S.1 Life  Education Talk
13 October 2017
S.5-6 Mental Health Seminar
28 August 2017
S.1 Orientation Day
31 May 2017
KLC Internet Angel Training Scheme
25 March 2017
Training Programme I Can Do It
21 December 2016
Guildance Prefect BBQ
20 December 2016
S1 Caring Ambassadors Training Activity
16 December 2016
S4-S6 Mental Health Seminar
9 December 2016
S1-S3 Mental Helath Seminar
9 December 2016
S1-S3 Pressure Management Talk
18 November 2016
Junior Forms Parents' Night
24 October 2016
S.1 Caring Ambassadors Training Programme
14 October 2016
S.5 Self Management Workshop
22 August 2016
S1 Orientation Day