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Aims & Objectives

  1. To provide students with a clean and comfortable learning environment.
  2. To ensure the normal operation of the school facilities.
  3. To improve teacher working environment.
  4. To beautify the campus environment and to strengthen the green concept in the campus.
  5. Through school life, to develop students a good habit of environmental protection.
  6. To ensure the healthy growth of students through the regulation of food quality and price.
  7. To formulate the laboratory safety policies and practices and to monitor the implementation of the security measures.


Section Head:
Mr. Cheung KK
               General Affairs Team
Cheung KK, Chan SL, Cheng HH, Cheung WC, Hui KW, Liu WL, Ho WC, Lo KP, Cheung SM, Tung WK
Canteen Management Team 
Chow SF, Cho PS, Chong WK, Sze MH, Tung WK
Laboratory Management & Safety Team
         Chan SL, Chan YK, Lee KF, Lo WM, Tse KM, Pun KM
*Name(s) of Team Leader(s) is/are underlined.

Works / Activities

  1. The security, cleaning and maintenance of the school campus
  2. The purchase, maintenance and repair of furniture and facilities
  3. The allocation and management of the notice boards and portable exhibition boards
  4. Beautifying and greening of the school campus
  5. Improvement of the campus facilities
  6. Arrangement and management of student lunch
  7. Supervision of the canteen
  8. Arrangement and decoration of the venue for assembly
  9. Provision of assistance to teachers
  10. Organizing the application for and follow-ups on Major Repairs and Emergency Repairs
  11. Taking follow-up actions on the school facility projects
  12. Stipulation of safety measures and regulation in laboratory, and supervision of the feasibility of such measures
  13. Miscellaneous tasks:
    i. Group ordering of student uniform
    ii. Booking of the school venues
    iii. Assigning lockers to students and clubs


Swimming pool
Ball Court
The Six
Roof Garden