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Design and Technology

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Aims & Objectives
  1. To develop the ability of the pupils to discriminate and evaluate through a growing awareness based on experience.
  2. To foster and develop pupil’s creative, intellectual and technical abilities through the use of materials.
  3. To apply technological knowledge in our daily life.
Department Members

Panel Head:

  •   Ng Ye San 

The curriculum can be broadly divided into four areas of learning:

1. The Nature and Impact of Technology for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
    - To understand the impact and influence of Technology in human daily life, from the past to the future.

2. Design and Communication
    - Introduce the Design Process and the Graphical Communication.

3. The Tools and Machines of Technology
    - Manipulation of common Tools, Equipment and Machinery used in Technology.

4. Resources of Technology
    - Information Technology as an information source.

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