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Technology and Living

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Aims & Objectives

The aims of the junior secondary Technology and Living curriculum are to enable students to:

  • develop a caring attitude to others by understanding their changing needs throughout their lives
  • develop personal and communal values in determining priorities for choices
  • foster an aesthetic sense and to stimulate ideas of creativity
  • establish a positive attitude towards consumer’s rights and responsibilities and protection for consumers
  • acquire the knowledge and to develop the skills required for organization and management of resources
  • have an appreciation of social, cultural, economic and technological influences on family and community living
Department Members

Panel Head:

  •  Ms. Cho PS       

The Junior Form TL Curriculum

A) Home management: Food, Nutrition and Diet; Home and family
B) Needlework, Dress and Design: Design and Development of Dress Sense; Equipment; Pattern construction; Garment construction; Textile



The Hong Kong Institute of Education Elder Academy 3

Fashion Show

Secondary School Food Safety and Nutrition Labelling Quiz Competition

Healthy Recipe Contest



Territory – Wide Culinary Competition



Visit to Hong Kong Yakult Production Plant

Molecular gastronomy



Useful Links

Centre for food safety

Food Safety Focus

Health zone – Central Health Education Unit” Campaign” Campaign

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department