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1 October 2016

1 October 2016
We heard different encouraging messages from teachers on how to run faster, fly higher. As Ms Chong repeated the Olympics Motto: Faster, Higher, Stronger, she told us all the more reasons we should continue doing well for our body and mind. Indeed, when Mr Cheung mentioned that we have to look / pull back before going forward, we are examining our past, contemplating the present, and moving forward to the future. Mr Lee also talked about people usually considered the successful bunch more talented, but forgot the success was actually due to how perseverant they were.
Some say perseverant, some say stubborn.  I was never described as perseverant, but otherwise.  Like all of you who have parents and teachers to answer to, I have my bosses to answer to as well.  In a recent meeting, I was asked about the school theme: run faster than whom, fly higher than what? I have no answers to that question, or perhaps I have a thousand answers. Why? There are a thousand people in our school, each has a different yardstick.  I think we must run faster than how we did yesterday, fly higher than before. In short: improvement is needed. 
Mr Cheung mentioned we stand still before pulling back our arm in order to throw forward. Indeed, we need to consider our deed or weakness in the past, plan well now, and charge off to the future.  Without a good looking-back, we will never improve in the future. So, now I know I have to improve the quality of my work, even when I am doing the same thing every day, or every year.  Because before I know it, I will not be able to run anymore, literally; numerous problems can appear: arthritis, joint problems, heart issues, bone concerns, etc. So work hard and play hard every day, no question about them.
Ms Ma talked about cats.
Anson Yang