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1 April 2017

1 April 2017
If you are a King Ling member, you know about our crazy schedule in March: Foundation Day activity, receiving overseas students, School Gala, Reading Forum, and Grand Tour.  Losing a student makes our heart heavy; we may never recover as a whole.  And the external school review led our teachers to dig out and tidy up dusted files.
Despite the unfortunate incident, each event makes us grow a little bit: Foundation Day reminded us what our forefathers had prepared for us, at a difficult time at their best; overseas students impacted on us their learning styles and their home cultures; School Gala showcased our non-classroom based learning, alongside teacher talents; Reading Forum promoted reading and discussion among teenagers; Grand Tour provided students opportunities to make history on their own. I can do without the external school review, but the school was given time to stock check its strengths and weaknesses, so did the teachers reflect on their classroom instructions.
We keep saying we want to be stronger, fly higher, run faster. Is there an end to it?  I don’t think so; but we need to know we fly higher, run faster, and are stronger than in last year and ten years ago. The names of our Student Union should tell you what our students wanted: Cambio promoted changes; Polaris set a sky-high standard for us to follow. It is the spirit of wanting to improve which perfects our life bit by bit.
Good that we have a long Easter holiday after all March events.  A time for us to re-charge for the next round.
Anson Yang