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1 September 2017

1 September 2017
Welcome back. To new students, and the parents, I hope we can learn well together in the coming six years.  King Ling College quietly stands on Lam Shing Road for 24 years.  Very soon, we will be celebrating our silver jubilee anniversary. A lot of things happened in the past two decades; if we want to move on and move up steadily, we must look back on what we have done right, on whose foundation we continue to grow.  On what we have done wrong, we do our best not to make the same mistake again.
But there will be mistakes, be it a wrong move, a greedy thought, a careless calculation, or a mindless statement, the outcome can be devastating. In early-August, we learned that a primary school made mistakes here and there, shaking the confidence of its stakeholders. How can an organization, governed by so many people, make so many mistakes? If each person did his own job well, bad news like this could be avoided.  The lesson for us here is: be responsible for what is allotted to us, question and internalize, double check with the process and the results before they are filed or published. These are important steps in learning; these are important steps in life.
In this year, our students must remember to follow through their own growth: to care about school happenings by reading school notices well and urging parents to acknowledge receipt; to complete and submit all homework on time, and attend meetings punctually; and to clean their own classroom on a regular basis to enhance ownership. Only by participating in school affairs dutifully will we help each other grow stronger and wiser.
Anson Yang