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1 January 2019

1 January 2019
Happy New Year.  I wish you all a very fruitful new year.  But don’t forget to reflect on your weaknesses from last year, correct yourselves and become better people. 
While King Ling College is celebrating our silver jubilee anniversary with various activities, we will not forget the daily routines. In fact, it is the forever-improving daily routines which make us stronger bit by bit.  A lot of parents wish to see their children having a light load in school work or ECA; but at the same time, they wish them to be learned, stronger and tougher.  Honestly, I don’t see how this can be done.  I am a fan of “no pain, no gain”, so I always believe that it is important for a person to endure and learn from hard work, so as to prosper. The process is always hard, but the fruit is sweet. My best analogy is losing weight or gym training: in the process, there is stress and anxiety, but once your goal is reached you see and feel the sweet results.
I hope all of us can understand this, but we also need to teach ourselves to handle stress and anxiety when we are working toward our goals. When we focus on a project or tedious homework, or cramming ourselves for an exam, we certainly will feel the pressure, but it is our duty to overcome this pressure in order to excel. Can we be complacent and wait for others to pick up the pieces?  Sure we can; there have been radio programs introducing one or two Hongkongers who have been bums for decades: sleeping in the park, eating fast food leftover, cleaning themselves in public toilet, surfing online for free in public library.  While they said they are no trouble to others and did not need others’ assistance, they are blind to the fact that the “free” facilities they use are shouldered by taxpayers. Others are supporting their “lifestyle” when they refused to contribute their parts. Just consider if half of the population lived like that, what burden would they bring to the society? How selfish can a person be?
No pain no gain, unless you are a fan of lottery tickets and are attended to by Lady Luck. Otherwise, let’s pace ourselves and work hard together.
Anson Yang