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1 March 2019

1 March 2019
We have established sister school partnership with six institutes in Asia since my office. They are: China-UK College (Shenzhen), La Salle Secondary School (Kota Kinabalu), Luhe High School (Beijing), Satit Bangna School (Bangkok), Toyama University of International Studies High School (Toyama), and Youngil High School (Seoul).  There are a handful of development goals that sister schools have to fulfil:
  • to organize bi-yearly student visits;
  • to develop a wide spectrum of exchange activities for school leaders and teachers; and
  • to create opportunities for sharing and collaboration in areas like school management, curricula, pedagogies and teaching materials through educational visits and professional short-term teaching attachments for school leaders and teachers. 
Although Tseung Kwan O is a self-sufficient city, we need to see how students in other districts, and in other countries, face their learning challenges.  In a word, we need to know how differently, or similarly, that teenagers in different countries are thinking regarding their learning needs, anxiety, and how they are prepared for the future.
The understanding of what others can do well, and why we are lagging behind, is a reflection on its own.  Many a time, we are not equipped with the skills that peers in other countries are doing well, because we do not see the need in doing so.  The question is then: what if an opportunity is presented to us in those countries and we are not ready?  Do we want to miss the chance, or do we want to grow equally knowledgeable, sociable, and still keep our mischievous characters we hold dearly?
With this note, I wish all DSE students the best in one of the many challenges you face in life which you have been armed well.
Anson Yang