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1 April 2019

1 April 2019
We did not really go through a winter season in the past months. Unlike decades ago when there were distinct four seasons in Hong Kong, now we are experiencing a climate similar to those in Southeast Asian cities.  I am not going to discuss the effect of global warming, or anything related to environment.  I wanted to say we miss things only when they are gone. Many might miss the winter shopping and its subsequent fashion show; others might like the hotpot experience with family members.  Personally, I don’t like cold weather, so enjoying fashion and hotpot come very low in my priority. 
I do miss, however, is the bracing cool air which brushes on my face when the temperature is around 15 degree Celsius. Although I am not a fashion slave, I enjoy seeing people walk away from shops with bags and bags of goodies; I feel happy for them, and feel happy for the healthy loop of economic cycle.  I am happy seeing families patiently queuing long for hotpot restaurants for I am sure it will be a quality evening of family time.  Without a winter, these activities seem less justified.
There are a lot of things in life we take it for granted, but once they are not available, we realize how important they are and how much we miss them.  Form 6 students always thank senior form teachers who have been lifting them up in the past three years; these teachers nag and threaten, pamper and baby the students, in the hope that students focus more on academic performance. Oh yes, these teachers did a great job.  But so do the junior form teachers who prepared a good foundation for senior students. The effort is made by all teachers and office staff, in addition to those in Canteen, and janitors who prepare an excellent campus for us.  Likewise, there are a lot of background people in our life who pass by very briefly; although they might not have given an obvious impact to our development, they do alter the path of our life somewhat.  We appreciate their efforts, and miss the time we were together.
Anson Yang