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1 May 2019

1 May 2019
I am a thief. It is a long story.
As my common practice, I saw our Form V Grand Tour off at the airport last month.  Three classes entered immigration area for document check at almost the same time, the other two a bit later.  When two classes entered, an immigration officer came to me and said he had seen one of our students drop a small yellow stuffed doll before entering.  I picked it up and told the last class to return to the owner when they met again in the airside.  Samson Chan (5C) kept the doll for the time being.  But no one in our school claimed its ownership, and the doll is still with Samson.
Now you see how I became a thief.  A passenger unknown to us lost an item, and I took it.  What to do now? Oh well.
Unlike in the past, Grand Tour this year ended with another week of school before Easter holidays. Although we predicted some students would fall sick after the trip, it was just a handful, a number which any normal school days would match.  But I am particularly proud of this batch of Form V students, not only did they take more interest in how a tour was organized before the trip, but they also helped each other well on the trip: no one lost anything during the tour except one student broke a hotel drinking glass. This batch of Form V students did run faster, fly higher, and are indeed whole lot smarter.  A case in point of how they took charge of this learning opportunity is that: none was late for the airport, unlike in the past; there was no complication whatsoever before they entered the immigration area. 
So you see, when students are given more challenges, and duties, they will rise to the occasion. Although we keep worrying, and we should, students prove themselves a worthy bunch: an indication for us that we can slowly let go, and have them take charge of their learning more.  I will see what they wanted to do with the stuffed doll and their thieving principal.
Many thanks for teachers who were with these students all along in this invaluable Grand Tour experience.
Anson Yang