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1 February 2021

1 February 2021
We had some taste of cold weather in January, and now the Chinese spring is upon us. I wish all of us are as strong and healthy as the ox or the bull. I would like to thank all KLC families and KLC friends for doing your best to protect yourselves, protect the school, and protect the community around you. We have been fighting the coronavirus battle for a year now, and it seems that a schedule of the end of the battle is in sight.
Hardly do I see students this school year but making hurried announcements in the morning for you to begin lessons as soon as possible, so that you would make good use of time for the half-day lessons. We lost some discipline-learning time, for example, to queue up together as a school in the morning, keep silent and stand straight together to perfect perseverance and endurance, and to look smart and spirited at 8 o’clock in the morning. But staying at home, working and learning, all family members have to compromise, and that helps you understand each family member better, for example, which spot at home each family member should work or do online lessons, the noise level control, etc.
I have had some cry rituals with students, that we respond to each other in unison in public: the good morning, and who is the best cry.   In the past, I did this to the student congregation, in the hope that they would get used to it and may speak to others easily bit by bit. Our parents perhaps taught us not to talk to strangers for fear that the strangers might be bad people.  There are indeed bad people around, but if we assume all strangers are bad, our world becomes very small, and we would never want to lend a helping hand.  The meet-and-greet did not happen during the coronavirus months. I hope the COVID situation is gone soon, and we can resume our ritual. 
Students need to know you are good, feel good, and be good.  You encourage each other, help each other in order to succeed in life. Of course, you help each other grow, bit by bit, you become the strongest bunch; you reach the sky eventually.   I am sure many of us yearn for face-to-face interaction. I hope this can be done soon.  In the meantime, we still have to protect ourselves and family members, so that we can have a good Chinese New Year holiday, and regain our normal normal.  We have to do the best we can, and make do with what we have at this moment.
Do not lose hope, because you are the best.
Anson Yang