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Arrangements for September part 1 (29 August)

Arrangements for September 2020 part 1
(29 August 2020)
1. The new school year will begin with a video shown at 9:00 AM on 1 September 2020.  Students please click on the link sent that morning in the respective class teachers’ google classroom and/or eClass for important messages for this school year.
2. Class teachers will meet with students online at 9:15AM on 1 September 2020; attendance is required.  Students will receive class time table and school calendar as well.
3. Online lessons will be conducted beginning 2 September 2020 according to the regular whole-day time table (first period at 8:25AM).  Students should join in every lesson punctually.  Before 31 August, students will receive google classroom/eClass messages from subject teachers as to what platform (Google Meet, Webex, Zoom, etc) to use for the lessons.
4. Students should check the school website, eClass, and respective google classrooms for important messages every day.  Students should work hard, and be disciplined and exercise self-discipline.