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Aims & Objectives

A.    The Aims of Junior Form Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are as follows:

-     Develop computer literacy with an understanding of elemental concepts of computers;

-     Appreciate the contemporary development of information technology;

-     Develop problem solving skills;

-     Cultivate positive attitudes towards the ever changing society with widespread utilization of computers.


B.     The Aims of Senior Form Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are as follows:


-      Provide students with a body of essential knowledge, concepts and applications of information, communication and computer systems;

-      Equip students with problem-solving and communication skills, and encourage them to think critically and creatively;

-      Develop students into competent, effective, discriminating, ethical and confident users of ICT, so as to support their lifelong learning; and

-      Provide students with opportunities to appreciate the impact of ICT on our knowledge-based society, so as to nurture in them positive values and attitudes towards this area.

Department Members
Panel Head:
  •    Mr. Liu W.L.


  •     Mr. Kwan C.K. (V.P)
  •     Ms.Chow S.F.
  •     Mr. Chan S.L.
A. The Junior Form ICT Curriculum (S1 – S3)



  • Computer System : Advance Word Processing (English Typing Internalize)
  • Webpage development : HTML Knowledge , computer graphic creation


  • Multimedia Production : Advance PowerPoint (e-book & Game design)
  • 3D modeling : Kodu programming (Cross Curricular Project )
  • Basic computer networking
  • Programming knowledge : Robot pro programming
  • Data management : Advance Spreadsheet
  • Computer literacy : IT essentials (computer assembly, preventive maintenance, operating systems, mobile devices)

B. The Senior Form ICT Curriculum (S4 – S6)

Compulsory Parts

A.      Information Processing

B.      Computer System Fundamentals

C.      Internet and its Applications

D.      Basic Programming Concept

E.      Social Implications


Elective Part  

Elective B.      Data Communications and Networking

Elective C.      Multimedia Production and Web Site Development


Seminar of Intellectual Property by Customs and Excise Department




ICT HKPC visit






ICT Arduino Workshop S4


ICT Learning Circle 2.0 (Staff Development)

Young IT Ambassador Award


Chinese Typing Competition


IT Visit to Science Park-Workshop on Innovation Explorer



IT Visit to World Telecommunication&Information Society Day Hong Kong


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