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Aims & Objectives

Students should able to: :

  1. develop creativity and critical thinking, nurture aesthetic sensitivity and effective visual communication.
  2. learn according to their own attributes so that they are capable of life-long learning, critical and
  3. exploratory thinking, innovating and adapting to change. 
  4. develop skills, knowledge and positive values and attitudes in the arts.
  5. aware of their cultural identity through our school based Chinese Heritage Learning
Department Members

Panel Head:

  •    Ms Chow SF
  1. integrate and apply their learning of Art in different KLA or response to local art activities and current issues.  
  2. participate in local exhibitions or public art competitions.
  3. Chinese Art and Craft projects include Chinese calligraphy, Chinese –paper cuttings, Chinese opera masks, Chinese paintings will be integrated into the curriculum.
  4. Topics of Western art history and western artists will be integrated into the curriculum.
  5. Topics of cross-curriculum /KLA will be integrated , focus on how to understand and making artwork with functions from various perspectives
  1. Hand Made Jelly Soap
  2. Graffiti Tote Bag Workshop
  3. Horse Sculpture Exhibition
Useful Links

information on latest exhibitions in HKMA

information of artists/ art movement