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Aims & Objectives

To nurture students:

  1. To become better informed, interested in and concerned for Hong Kong and the wider world;
  2. To achieve greater self-reliance in learning through the development of self-study skills, independent use of resources and self-discipline in the organization of study time and other priorities, which would ultimately lead students to the point where they can learn to satisfy their intellectual curiosity;
  3. To develop the ability to analyze complex wholes into their component parts and to evaluate the adequacy of evidence to support conclusions and the validity of arguments in terms of their objectivity and freedom from bias or prejudice;
  4. To think more independently so that they are willing to seek alternatives, to assess and evaluate opinions put forward by others and to be open-minded enough to accept the views of others; or, where there are good grounds for doing so, to maintain their own views;
  5. To be more creative in the sense that they learn to identify problems and their solutions through the application of their skills, their intellectual resources, and what they have experienced, in ways that are new to them.
Department Members

Panel Head:

  • Mr. Cheung K.F.

Assistant Panel Head:

  • Ms.Keung T.H.(IES School Coordinator)(S.5)


  • Mr. Cheung K.K.
  • Ms. Cho P.S.
  • Mr. Liu W.L. 
  • Mr. Lo Y.H. (IES School Coordinator)(S.6)
  • Ms. Ma W.C.(IES School Coordinator)(S.4)
  • Miss. Chau Y.Y.
  • Mr. Sze C.H.
  1. HUAWEI Lend A Helping Hand with ICT Community Caring Award 
    Second Runner-Up 4C Shea Hei Man 


  2. Mainland Exchange Programme for Senior Secondary School Students 2015-2016 
    Hubei, Wuhan, Yichang and The Three Gorges Dam 

  3. Press Talk by Hong Kong Press Council 
    傳媒講座  講員:香港報業評議會副主席區伯權先生

  4. Statistical Talk by The Census and Statistics Department

  5. 全港中學生實地考察報告比賽
    Secondary School Field Study Report Competition of Hong Kong

  6. Dialogue with Professor Cheung Bing-leung, Secretary for Transport and Housing

  7. Guided Tour of Eco Expo Asia AND ‘Dialogue with the Secretary for the Environment’

  8. Meeting with President of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong Hon Jasper Tsang Yok-sing