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Page for New S1


Page for New S1 

I.        Registration: 12-13 July, 9:00am-12:30pm, 2:00pm-4:00pm. Please bring:
           1. Admission slip;
           2. HKID / HK Birth Certificate - true copy and photocopy;
           3. School reports (photocopies) - P5(whole year), P6(whole year);
           4. One passport-sized photos;
           5. Registration form [Download]; and
           6. Textbook providers will set counters at the school. Please feel free to obtain service from
                other providers.
II.      1. Registration Handbook - PDF [Download];
           2. Registration Handbook - Video [Download]; and
           3. School Regulations - Chinese Version [Download].
III.     Pre-S1 Hong Kong Attainment Test (Chinese, English, Mathematics): 17 July, 8:45am-12:30pm.
         Please bring:
           1. SSPA slip;
           2. HKID / HK Birth Certificate; and
           3. Stationery.
           In case school is greatly affected by flooding, localized heavy rain or sudden incidents and have to
           suspend classes, students should go to a secondary school (excluding ESF and
           international schools)which remains in operation and is near to their homes to take the Test. For
           territory-wide class suspensioncaused by tropical cyclones or rainstorms, parents should pay
           attentionto the announcements on the radio/televisionor the press release
           posted on GovHK (www.gov.hk).
IV.      Sports Team Try-out Day, 18 July, 8:15am-1:00pm
           1. Wear your P6 summer PE uniform;
           2. Bring your swimming suits, swimming goggles, swimming cap and towel; and
           3. Bring your drinking water.
V.       Summer Course: 6-24 August, 8:50am-12:30pm
           (House assignment released on 6 August during the summer course,
           please buy the PE uniform according to the Houseassignment.)
VI.     Newcomers’ Day (for students): 25 August, 9:00am-3:30pm
           Parents’ Day: 25 August, 12:30pm-3:30pm
           (Pre-ordered textbooks will be distributed by Wai Fat Books.
           Please bring your order form and balance total.)
VII.   Opening ceremony: 3 September, 8:55am-11:00am